2021 Columbus Day Bash Tournament

Saturday, October 9th – Monday, October 11th | Hartford/Norwich, Connecticut

Colleges/Organizations Who Attended This Event In The Past

2021 Tournament Information

4th Annual “Columbus Day Bash” presented by Firecracker Sports will be held October 9th-11th, 2021

College Showcase Camp – Individual Players Only: Friday, October 8th, 2021

Age groups: 13U/14U; 15U/16U and 17U/18U (3 Divisions)

Pool play: Saturday, October 9th and Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Playoffs & Championships: Monday, October 11th, 2021

  • Please Note: – Teams will be accepted on a “First paid-First accepted” basis and entries will be limited only to the first 48 paid registrations.
  • Registration Fee: $1,049.00
  • Teams who register, but do not pay are not in the tournament and placed on the waiting list until payment is received. To avoid being placed on the waiting list and secure entry, payment must be made.
  • 3 Game Guarantee: Pool play format will be used with all teams entered (*weather permitting*).
  • Baseballs and lineup cards are included for this event as an added bonus to all teams and programs.
  • Two (2) High School board certified Umpires are supplied for every game.
  • Preliminary round games will take place at area high school, parks and collegiate fields with the playoffs and championship games being held at a college venue. We use the top fields in the area such as Dodd Stadium; Eastern Connecticut State University; Waterbury Stadium; New Britain Bees Stadium, East Catholic High School and others.
  • Current and past college and professional coaches are employed to evaluate the teams at the prime recruiting age groups during our events.
  • Above and Beyond our Competition…We provide pre and post game interviews with players and coaches, social media staff to promote players and teams, live in game statistics, player assessments and videos which get added to our player database and much much more!

2021 Pro & College Coaches Attending

Please check out our website regularly as we approach the 2021 calendar year for confirmed attendance of coaches, schools and scouts. Our rotator above will show you the quality of programs who attended this event previously and several who have expressed interest in being a part of this event moving forward. Below is the list of schools and personnel who were confirmed in attendance for the previous years including 2021.

  1. College of the Holy Cross
  2. Quinnipiac University
  3. American International College
  4. Clark University
  5. Salem State University
  6. Husson University
  7. Trinity College
  8. Mitchell College
  9. Boston Red Sox – MLB organization
  10. NY Mets – MLB organization
  11. Eastern Connecticut State University
  12. Springfield College
  13. Southern Maine Community College
  14. Bridgewater State University
  15. Rhode Island College
  16. Salve Regina University
  17. Johnson & Wales University
  18. Dean College
  19. Community College of Rhode Island
  20. Worcester State University
  21. Framingham State University
  22. MCLA
  23. Texas Rangers – MLB
  1. College of the Holy Cross
  2. UMASS-Amherest
  3. Texas Rangers – MLB
  4. Houston Astros – MLB
  5. American International College
  6. Mitchell College
  7. UCONN-Avery Point
  8. Husson University
  9. Western New England University
  10. Eastern Connecticut State University
  11. Springfield College
  12. Southern Maine Community College
  13. Bridgewater State University
  14. Rhode Island College
  15. Salve Regina University
  16. Johnson & Wales University
  17. Dean College
  18. Westfield State University
  19. Community College of Rhode Island
  20. Worcester State University
  1. College of the Holy Cross
  2. UMASS-Amherest
  3. American International College
  4. Husson University
  5. Eastern Connecticut State University
  6. Springfield College
  7. Southern Maine Community College
  8. Bridgewater State University
  9. Rhode Island College
  10. Salve Regina University
  11. Johnson & Wales University
  12. Dean College
  13. Community College of Rhode Island
  14. Worcester State University

2021 Teams Registered

We started this event in 2018 and we are very excited about the interest entering our 4th year. Hartford, Connecticut is a great place to visit during the fall with the Six Flags close by, Columbus Day festivals and awesome autumn sunsets! We have opened up this event to include more teams with the 13U/14U Division for those transitioning to the big diamond. If you are interested in participating in one of the fall’s best events, please register today or inquire at operations@firecrackersports.com for more details.

See who is coming!

2021 Hotels


To insure the quality of service provided during a Firecracker Sports event this organization has put in place a Hotel Obligation Policy.


Simply stated, if your team requires hotel accommodations (team traveling 75 miles or more to the event’s destination city) your team MUST stay at one of the approved participating tournament partner hotels. These participating hotels are reviewable by clicking on the “hotel” links on the Tournament Website or on the home page of Firecracker Sports. Reservations can be made prior to being accepted and should be made ASAP as the hotels fill up quick.


We work very hard to keep our costs down and also balance the economic impact a tournament like ours can have towards the communities and programs we serve. The approved hotels on this website assist with both concerns and the following are the benefits to our programs:

  • To make it manageable we have room nights “blocked” for our out-of-town teams from our participating Partner Tournament Hotels.
  • Because we do not use a Third Party Housing Group and we negotiate large blocks of rooms with the hotels directly, you’ll find a wide variety of best pricing and amenities from our hotels.
  • Care in selecting location and proximity to our playing fields (see our field age group/field location chart to find out where your team most likely will be playing so you can lock down hotels near your fields).
  • All of our tournament hotels have been approved due to their quality and desire to give our guests the best tournament experience.
  • Room inventory which is shared with the tournament to ensure that room demands can be met from year to year.
  • By using participating tournament partner hotels Firecracker Sports can offer our “Act of God” Clause. This state’s “Should this event be cancelled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer’s control (including weather), all outstanding reservations will be released at no charge to the participants”


In order to best serve our out-of-town teams we need this to be a win-win for our guest teams and our hotel partners…If the rules are not followed then we jeopardize our relationships with these hotels and this could potentially add more costs to the teams.


  • Any accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and does not stay in one of our approved partner hotels will not be accepted to the tournament.
  • An accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and double books their team at more than one hotel will not be accepted to the tournament or will be removed from the tournament.
  • Teams who do not stay in our partner hotels will risk forfeiting their games and not be allowed to return to the tournament next year.


Teams will be able to cancel their hotel reservation if they are not accepted to the tournament.

2021 Fields & Facilities

We try to give all our student athletes and their families a first class experience by securing and enabling all our teams to play on the top facilities in the Hartford and the Norwich, Connecticut areas. We are getting close to our goal of securing all college fields for every age group! We would like to see all our teams play all their pool play and playoff games on top fields, including collegiately.

As you can see from the list below most of our divisions are exclusively played on collegiate fields and premier professional stadiums including playoffs and Championships at Dodd Stadium for our 13U/14U, 15U/16U and 17U/18U Divisions. These younger divisions are given these unique playing opportunities which has become increasingly rare for other tournament providers. These fields and facilities are tentatively scheduled to host in 2021 but until schedules are finalized please inquire about your location before securing your hotels and travel plans.

17U/18U Division: Pool Play Fields (Playoffs & Championships are at Eastern Connecticut State University)

2021 Tournament Rules

Thank you for your interest in Firecracker Sports and support for our baseball events. We have updated several rules so there is more clarity to lineups, tie-breakers and other dynamics like home vs. away. We answer all of your biggest questions regarding rules by checking out our “Team Information” section which includes event rules such as age requirements, tie-breakers, lineups and much more like insurance, rosters and payments. Please click on the button below for more advanced details.

If you have any questions or concerns please hit the chat button at the bottom of your screen or email operations@firecrackersports.com for more details.


2021 Playoffs/Tie-Breaker System

17U/18U Division

  • We will have 7 pools for this event with all 7 pool winners advancing to the playoffs on Monday, October 11th.
  • The #1 seed will have a bye in the quarterfinals. The other 6 teams will compete against each other in the quarterfinal round.
  • Winners will advance to the Semifinals. Semifinal games will take place on Monday, October 11th.
  • The 18U Champions being held at Eastern Connecticut State University at 345PM.
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

15U/16U Division

  • Each pool winner will advance to the playoffs on Monday, October 11th.
  • Semifinals will take place at 9AM at 2 fields in Norwich, CT with #1 seed vs #4 seed along with #2 seed vs. #3 seed playing.
  • 16U Championship Game will take place at Eastern Connecticut State University on Monday, October 11th.
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

13U/14U Division

  • 2 pool winners will advance to the championship game on Sunday, October 10th at the conclusion of pool play.
  • 14U Championship will take place at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, CT at 3:45PM on Sunday, October 10th.
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

Tiebreaker System

1. Overall Record in Tournament

2. Head to Head (Only if two teams)

3. Runs Allowed

4. Run Differential (Maximum differential of 10 runs per game, either way)

5. Runs Scored

6. Coin Flip

2021 Team Roster Forms

Thank you for your interest and support of our Firecracker Sports events. In order to provide you the best experience possible, we request the entry of your team’s roster via the link below. The deadline for all 2019 fall tournaments is September 1st. This will allow us to promote your student athletes to the attending college coaches ahead of time along with promote the players who have committed to play in college, giving an extra boast not only to the student athletes but your programs as well!

We have created a brand new and innovative website that is user-friendly for our parents, players and coaches. With this exciting new addition, we have created a one-stop shop for all your showcase baseball needs. You can create a user account, setup your teams, register for any event, make payments plus enter your roster one time and being done for the entire calendar year! This platform also will be where you see hotels, shopping, schedules, scores, standings and playoff implications right from your mobile device. We hope you enjoy this special benefit and make your life easier.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Jersey Number
  3. Position(s)
  4. High School
  5. Graduation Year
  6. Email Address of a Parent or Player
  7. College Commitment (not required but asked)

2021 Tournament Schedule

We work on releasing our schedules 2 MONTHS prior to any event we host and run throughout the calendar year. Once our event becomes full we begin to put the teams, fields and pool play together so you can plan your trip better to Hartford, Connecticut area. This allows everyone to plan in advance their hotels, social events but also let the college programs you are interested in, know your playing times if they are interested in attending. We try to maintain first class customer service from the point of registration, all the way through our final Championship game of our events, so your experience always remains first class!

2021 Tournament Schedules

Columbus Day Bash Scores & Standings

We have partnered with another valued member in the baseball industry, Playbook to make your experience even better. Now you can see scores, schedules and standings right from your mobile device as soon as the games are concluded. No more calls, emails to find out where, when and who you are playing. Through our mobile app, Firecracker Sports, you can find the GPS location of fields, get notified of time changes, incase of inclement weather but more importantly know where your team is placed for standings after your wins or unfortunately, losses.

Please check out the latest scores and standings of our events, past and present, held in Hartford and Norwich, Connecticut communities.


2021 Columbus Day Bash Scout Books

College coaches and professional scouts we provide up to the date scout books for your recruiting needs. There is no extra charges with Firecracker Sports to get these books or have them right on your phone at our events. Just click on the button below and download each event/division you are looking for, everything is digital now, see player profiles, past results and videos as well. You MUST be an active college coach or MLB scout to have access to our database!

2021 Scout Book

2019 Columbus Day Bash Scouting Report

Our 4th installment of the Firecracker Sports Scouting Blog will cover our final event of the 2019 fall season, the 2nd Annual Columbus Day Bash that took place at fields across Hartford, Connecticut with the championships hosted at the Eastern Connecticut State University. The Hamden Yard Dogs captured the 15U/16U division title while the Northern CT Mustangs played up and won the 17U/18U Championship game in a very exciting back and forth game. Throughout the weekend, we had 20+ college coaches and 1 pro scout cover the event which we are very excited about considering it was only a 19 team tournament during the NCAA “quiet period.”Based on evaluations provided by college coaches in attendance, our Firecracker Sports staff and other administrators we will be breaking down for you those teams and players who caught the scouts attention during our event.

Leighton Billings (Southwick High School (CT), 2022, RHP/IF/OF)

Leighton really impressed in his outings last weekend. Balanced delivery with sound mechanics; high ¾ arm slot. Fastball worked up to 83 with a little tail. Command was average but he can spot up when he needs to. 11-5 CB with some good depth (71-72). SL was around 69 mph with okay movement; could become + pitch in the future. Lean 6’ 1” frame and gets the most out of it.


Tre Saylor (New Britain High School (CT), 2020, OF/LHP)

Tre is an athletic outfielder at 5’ 8” 145 lb with a lean frame. Looked very comfortable in the outfield tracking fly balls with short, explosive strides. Solid, on plane swing at the plate but his speed is his most impressive attribute. He was timed at 3.95 to first on an infield single. Showed some clutch ability in extra innings of the 18U Championship, lacing a line drive up the middle to secure the victory for the CT Mustangs in extra innings.



Dan Prior (East Greenwich High School (RI), 2021, LHP/1B)

Dan displayed some good projectability for the Jr. Bay Sox in his lone start, going 4.2 innings striking out 5 while allowing 0 earned runs and 1 hit. Slightly built 6’ 3” frame with a high ¾ arm slot and full circle arm action. Has a tailing 2 Seam FB (T75) and a 4 Seam (74-77 T79) that showed very good life. His slider is his + pitch at this time with some tilt at 65-68. We’ve seen Dan throw for over a year now and his stock keeps rising every appearance.

Kiernan Caffrey (South Windsor High School (CT), 2020, OF)

Kiernan showed out at the Columbus Day Bash and proved that he is a legitimate college prospect going into his senior year at South Windsor. Displayed a clean, on plane left handed swing that allowed him to collect 5 hits throughout the tournament. Physically, he was probably the best athlete on the field, swiping 2 bags with ease. Look for him to have a very successful senior year in 2020


Christian Rapoza (Toll Gate High School (RI), 2020, RHP/3B)

Christian Rapoza along with Lasell College commit Darek Lallo make up 2 quality arms for the Ocean State Bandits (RI) out of Toll Gate High School. Stands 5’ 11” 170 lbs with a free and easy arm action with quite a few inches of tail on the FB (76-79) that gets in on righty’s hands. CB was around 68 with some okay movement but needs to get more consistent with it at the next level. Delivery is very deliberate and high energy


Jake Jachym (Westfield High School (CT), 2022, LHP)

Jake was one of the most effective pitchers all weekend for the Northern CT Mustangs on the mound, pitching 11 innings, giving up 5 hits, 0 earned runs, and 9 K’s against much older competition. He is a slinger with a low ¾ arm slot. Fastball was 70-73 T75 with some lefty tail while the sweeping slider was commanded very well. These 2 pitches are all Jake needed to throw a 1 hitter against the 18U Jr. Bay Sox (MA). Not overpowering at this time but already showed that he knows how to pitch.


Jared Reminder (Pilgrim High School (RI), 2021, RHP/1B/3B)

For the second time this fall, Jared has found himself on our scouting blog for his performance on the mound. High ¾ arm slot with a compact, clean delivery. Stands at 6’2” 190 lbs with an athletic frame that has already put on some muscle. Fastball was generally 74-76 T78 with a little cut action to it which got in on a lot of hands. His CB (64-65) can be sharp at times when thrown through the target with an 11-5 break. Competed with both pitches well in the zone. Minus some inconsistency with command, he had a great outing.

Tim McGuire (Portsmouth High School (RI), 2021, SS)

Tim was one of our players to watch going into the event son we already had a good idea of what he was capable of. Showed some juice in the bat with a connected left handed swing. Also showed great hustle on the base paths with some hard 90’s and the willingness to lay out for some balls over at shortstop. Overall good athlete at 5’ 11” 170 lbs.

Alex Lacourse (Westfield High School (CT), 2022, C)

The 18U division MVP raked all tournament for the Northern CT Mustangs. Displayed a good, level swing with some present power. Hustled and beat out an infield hit as apart of his 6 hits on the tournament. Behind the dish, mechanically he has some things to work on but looked very comfortable receiving pitches and working with pitchers. Interesting 2022 Grad that can flat out swing it at the dish.


Zach Collins (Norwich Free Academy (CT), 2021, OF/3B/RHP)

Zach is a 6’ 1” 150 lb prospect with a wiry tone. Played 3B most of the weekend for the CT Inferno. Closed off stance with an above average hit tool at this time. Average power right now but that could change as he puts on weight. He impressed the most over at 3B, showing ++ arm strength and footwork. He stood out amongst a very young CT Inferno squad. High baseball IQ.

Aidan Ellis (East Lyme High School (CT), 2021, 3B/SS/RHP)

Another member of the CT Inferno, Aidan played SS in the tournament and also caught some eyes. Wiry 6’ 0” frame that is a little toned already. Playable hands with a + glove. ++ arm strength and baseball IQ. Open stance in the box with a dynamic approach to hitting. Flashed some almost above average bat speed with the ability to hit the ball where it is pitched.

Trey Faulkner (Sabis School (MA), 2020, INF)

This was our 3rd look at Trey this fall and we can see why he is being recruited by several D3 programs. Stands at 5’ 8”, 175 with a medium frame and slender, athletic build. Slightly open stance at the plate with an inside out, situational approach. ++ speed, above average glove/footwork from SS. He may transition over to 2B in college or possibly one of the corner outfielder spots. Swiped 2 bags on the tournament off of his jumps alone.



Jose Almonte (Grand Street Campus (NY), 2020, SS/RHP)

It’s hard to decide whether Jose projects better as a shortstop or pitcher at this time. On the mound he sat 84-86 consistently, topping out at 87 in the cold fall weather. There is absolutely more velo in the tank already. Very athletic 5’ 11” frame with alot of tone. Over the top smooth, effortless motion. Throws a power CB (75-78) and an even more impressive SL (80-82) which are both plus pitches already. At the plate, he has a closed off swing with above average hit tool, power, and situational approach. Playable hands in the field with above average arm and excellent glove skills.

Randy Garcia (Progress High School for Professional Careers (NY), 2020, OF)

Randy is a 6’ 1” 175 lb CF for the SAYO Grays. His biggest tool at the moment is his defensive presence. Reads the ball off the bat well with a ++ arm that may turn him into a corner outfielder to utilize it better. Squared off, violent approach at the plate with above average power at this time. Showed off some ++ speed on a bunt single.

Justin Hernandez (Spellman High School (NY), 2021, C/3B)

The catcher for the Westchester Aces (NY) was the best defensive catcher we saw all weekend. Thick, mature frame Flashed a 2.00 flat pop time at times with the ability to block and receive above average as a 2021 Grad. Above average arm behind the plate. Pull side hitter with ++ power already; projects as a middle of the lineup bat. Has a bit of an uppercut swing that creates above average lift to the ball.

Pat Poggi (Briarcliff High School (NY), 2021, 3B/OF)

Pat is a speedy centerfielder for the Westchester Aces with above average arm strength for the position. Reads the ball off the bat very well and has sure hands. Like Hernandez, he also has a right handed uppercut swing, but it paid off a few times as he hit some rockets in the games we evaluated him. We’ve seen Pat this summer at one of our showcases as well and he certainly projects as a fringe D2/ sure thing D3/JuCo prospect at this time.

Alex Kalapoutis (Hackley School (NY), 2021, RHP)

Alex is a 6’ 3” 170 lb pitcher with a medium, athletic tone and low ¾ arm slot. Straight 4 seam FB got up to 78 with late life. Sharp slurve (72) that he commanded well throughout his outing. Changeup (68-70) is a nice weapon for him to change pace every once in awhile as long as it’s at the knees. He is a sound, drop and drive type pitcher that should be a very recruitable 2021 arm by his senior year.

Marcel Garcia (Community Health Academy of The Heights (NY), 2020, SS/2B)

Stands at 6’ 0” with a thin, lean tone. Above average bat speed with an excellent hit tool. Gets his hands to the ball quickly. He is a fast as anyone we saw in the tournament with 2 stolen bags to show for it. In the field, he has + range with an above average arm to make up for it. Because of this, we believe he can play either of the middle infield positions at the next level.


Matt Klett (Barnstable High School (MA), 2020, INF)

Matt stands 5’ 9” with a toned 165 lb body. Stays through the ball well in left handed swing. Uses legs decent; hips fly open a bit. Shows the ability to get the barrel to contact point, smacking balls all around the field. Puts up great AB’s and hammers the FB early over the plate. Goes up looking to drive strikes. Has the arm strength for CF and tracks the ball well. Arm translates over to SS where he just needs a little tweak to his footwork to play there at the next level. Very impressive 2020 prospect for the Dugout Dawgs (MA)


Casey Proto (Barnstable High School (MA), 2021, RHP)

The All-Tournament team selection was the best pitcher in the tournament statistically. Went a complete game, striking out 12 and giving up 4 hits with 1 earned run. FB was 78-80 with a short high ¾ arm action. Delivery is very fluent with the hips firing before the arm. Likes to work fast and get ahead of hitters. CB is 70-73 with average stuff at this point. But he knows how to set hitters up and hit his spots. Commands to both sides of the plate. Also showed some leadership ability


Logan Macaluso (East Catholic Memorial (CT), 2020, RHP)

6’ 3” very toned multi-athlete for the Connecticut Rivals out of Cromwell, CT. Throws his fastball often but it was good enough to get by (79-82 T83). Long, slow delivery that is tough to repeat. Slider could be a + plus pitch for him but for now is an out pitch for when he’s ahead in the count. The raw power is there, he looks like a very solid D2 prospect when he cleans up his mechanics and channels the present strength he has now. Absolutely worth a look at East Catholic next spring. So much projectability.


Greyson Pizzonia (Middletown High School (CT), 2020, RHP)

Greyson is yet another new pitching prospect we saw at this tournament. 5’10” 160 lb with a very effective 2 seam FB (72-75 T78) with enough run to get weak contact. Hard break on SLV (68-70 T71) but had trouble keeping it down. Could certainly benefit from using his legs more



Jasper Andrianarivo (Ft. Hamilton High School (NY), 2021, IF/RHP)

Jasper has a small, lean 5’ 7”, 130 lb frame. Good athletic footwork/glovework in the INF. Swing is a little too tall which makes him pull happy. Athleticism allows him to put the bat on the ball where it’s pitched. He works long AB’s and gives pitcher’s fits. Lacking in strength but his quickness makes up for it. Looks like a 2B at the next level as his measurables increase.



Sammie Diaz (Paul Cuffee School (RI), 2020, MIF/OF)

Sammie continued to pace the Ocean State Bandits offense last weekend. Smart approach at the plate with a bit of a long swing for his size but we can’t argue with the results. Above average pitch recognition; works counts and makes pitchers pay for mistakes. In the fields he has sure hands and just needs to clean up his routes a little. He is a team player and a true leader on the field which you can’t teach. High spirited 2020 prospect that garnered a lot of attention this fall.


Lucas McElroy (Old Rochester Regional High School (MA), 2022, C/SS/OF)

Lucas showed extreme competitiveness on the mound for the Jr. Bay Sox, going 7 innings, striking out 9, while only allowing 1 earned run in his start against the SNE Prospects (MA). High ¾ arm slot with sound mechanics. Works very quickly and commands to both sides of the plate with his FB and sweeping CB. Shows solid feel for his CB but struggles to get on top of it at times. Rarely misses spots with either pitch. Solid RHP going into his sophomore year.

Nick Quenneville (Hampshire Regional (MA), 2022, RHP/SS)

Quenneville was the counterpart against McElroy and took the hard luck loss, going 6 innings, 0 earned runs, with 6 strikeouts. High ¾ arm slot; keeps hitters off balance well with good sequences with the FB and CB. Sometimes he spins the CB without movement but other times it’s a sharp break that freezes hitters. Herky jerky, max effort motion.

Clinton Dunston Jr. (New Bedford High School (MA), 2022, C)

The catcher for the Jr. Bay Sox receives well, blocks balls very nicely, and displayed good overall athleticism getting up out of crouch. Gets ball into throwing hand quickly and is accurate with his throws. Could develop more arm strength. Would like to see him develop more offensively as he has tons of potential there.


Shaun Remmilard (Saint Paul Catholic (CT), 2021, OF)

Left handed hitting OF. Sprays the ball when behind the count and looks to pull it when it’s in his favor. Quality approach at the plate, he had 6 hits on the tournament that will certainly place him on the all-tournament team. Shaun is another prospect that we have had a chance to see over the summer/fall and he looks to be a sure thing D2 prospect at this time with D1 in his future depending on how he develops.



Riley Tabicas (Diman Regional Voc. Tech (MA), 2022, RHP/3B)

Riley checks in at 5’ 7” 120 lbs and uses all of it on the mound. Touching 80 once with his FB but generally sitting 76-78 over 6 innings for the Jr. Bay Sox. Command was ++ on the FB and it ran quite a bit. CB had decent location at 60-62; changeup was around the same at 62-64. Bulldog mentality on the mound; high effort delivery. Loose ¾ arm action. Should be a nice 2022 right handed arm for a college roster.


Jack Dwyer (Smithfield High School (RI), 2022, MIF/3B)

Jack played SS during the event for the 16U Ocean State Bandits Club. Good footwork to the ball. ++ glove and + range. A little undersized for SS but handled his own over there all weekend. Probably a 2B at the college level but things can change in 2+ years. At the plate, he is a contact hitter with more of a situational approach. Squared up right handed stance with a short/compact swing. Average hit tool and power at this time but will find his way into a college lineup with his glove and can always improve at the plate.

Kyle Givner (Branford High School (CT), 2022, RHP)

Givner threw 7 innings in the 16U semi final matchup at Eastern Connecticut State University striking out 7 and giving up 2 earned runs. 5’ 8” 160 lb pitcher with a stocky, mature frame. Good posture on the mound, mechanics are ++ with a nice over the top arm slot. FB was 74-76 T77 with some sinking action that induced a lot of ground balls. Possesses a ++ CB (60-63) that he relied on heavily. His CH (64-65) had a little depth to it. Mixed his secondary pitches in well which allowed him to throw the whole game. Absolutely worth a look at Branford High School in CT.



Logan Bessette (Holy Cross High School (CT), 2022, SS/3B)

The 16U Tournament MVP impressed all weekend at shortstop and at the plate, collecting 6 hits on the weekend with 4 runs scored. Good hands and footwork in the field with a ++ arm. Contact guy at the plate with some wheels to make pitchers/catchers uneasy. Average power at this time. Inside out swing with above average bat speed. Should be able to stick at SS in the future but may move to 3B if he grows more.



Joe Cottle (Monomoy High School (MA), 2020, RHP)

Joe is a 6’ 2” 180 lb pitcher with a loose ¾ arm action. Drop and drive guy with a nice sinking fastball (78-80) Also has a very good slurve (65-67) that he pounds the zone with in combination with the solid FB. Lands on his heel sometimes with stride foot causing him to fall off towards 1B. Needs to get more on the front foot. Other than that, he has a chance to be a quality college arm. He went 6 innings for the Dugout Dawgs (MA), striking out 7 while only allowing 3 hits.




Michael Meagher (Barnstable High School (MA), 2021, C)

Meagher has a quick bat at the plate along with a great use of his lower half to drive the ball to all parts of the field. Stance is square and he generates some lift with his swing. Solid power potential for the 2021 Grad. The 5’ 7” 145 lb right-handed hitting catcher is very talented behind the plate. Has ++ arm strength along with a fairly quick glove to hand transfer. One of the best catchers we’ve seen all year at his grad year thanks to an impressive showing at one of our showcases as well.


Area Attractions and Visitor’s Guide

Coming soon from our friends at the Connecticut Visitor’s and Sports Bureau