Perfect Playcement becomes a sponsor for our College Showcase Day

Perfect Playcement becomes a sponsor for our College Showcase Day



The college selection and “recruitment” model is unfortunately officially broken…with unrealistic promises, demands and levels of expectation. As a result, a number of very talented student-athletes with tremendous potential are left to be very disappointed.


The goal of PERFECT PLAYCEMENT is to fix that model, starting with a realistic education!


PERFECT PLAYCEMENT believes that student-athletes who actively participate on their varsity high school & summer teams and want to play at the college level can do so - but HAVE TO identify and secure that “right” college first. Important decision-making factors, which are too often overlooked, include finding a school that is…


1) Right in studeny body size

2) Comfortable proximity from home

3) Has the desired field(s) of study

4) Offers extracurricular opportunities

5) Proper athletic level of competition


Once we identify these factors together, PERFECT PLAYCEMENT will contact those colleges & speak directly to the coaching staff. It is not the job of your coach to make the initial calls – they’re the “closer” once the process is narrowed down to the final choices.


Regardless of the non-scholarship Division, PERFECT PLAYCEMENT specializes in assisting student-athletes truly maximize their college experience to excel both on and off the field.


PERFECT PLAYCEMENT owner Mark Leinweaver is a former non-scholarship Division II player at Stonehill College. He has spent 20 years working in baseball as an agent, media relations director, TV & radio broadcaster, author, television writer & producer.