Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Firecracker Baseball?


How is Firecracker Baseball benefical to me?


Is Firecracker Baseball intended only for high school players?


What other services does Firecracker Baseball provide?


What is the difference between a Showcase and a Tournament?


Who should I contact with general questions regarding Firecracker Baseball?


Individual Event Questions

What is evaluated at a Firecracker Baseball Showcase?


How many College Coaches and MLB Scouts typically attend a showcase?


How is a Firecracker Showcase typically ran?


How do I sign up for a Showcase?


Who to contact if you need further help with showcases?


Team Event Questions

What are the benefits of playing in a Firecracker Baseball tournament?


How do I get my roster posted online?


What is the Tournament Format?


How do I contact the event director?


Is there a coaches check-in/meeting prior to the tournament?


Is there a player check-in prior to the tournament?


Are teams required to have birth certificates for each player?


Who to contact if you need further help with tournaments?