2017 4th of July College Showcase Day Registration Form

2017 College Showcase Day at the 10th Annual Firecracker Baseball Showcase Tournament:

Cost to Player:  There is no charge to participants in the 2017 Firecracker Baseball Showcase Tournament.  Only tournament team and players are allowed in these College Showcase Day workouts. 

All participants are required to forward a $50.00 administrative fee with their registration until January 31, 2017. After January 31, the adminstration fee will be $85.00 unless we are full already. We sold out of 3 sessions and over 127+ players participated in 2016. Just an FYI, this fee is to help defray the cost of t-shirts, field costs, personnel and adminstrative time and staffing with our new and improved evaluation system.

All sessions are SOLD OUT!

Players can register via wait list option for possible cancelations and add on sessions, if they become available. No payment is necessary at this time, when a spot opens up, payment will need to be received within 48 hours to hold that registration.  

Which session would you like to attend? Wait list only at this time. *
Pick 1 option as your session if that option becomes available

Which alternative session would you like to attend if a spot becomes available? *
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Would you like to be scouted and evaluated for the World Power Showcases events in Miami, Florida and Arlington, Texas? *

NOTE: To enter this showcase, you must provide your own insurance coverage for yourself and/or team(s).



There will be a $2.99 convenience fee to submit this online form.
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