2017 Firecracker Baseball Showcase Tournament: Official Rules

1. All teams MUST bring 1 box of 12 game baseballs to site supervisor before their 1st game.

         A. At 1st game, team will forfeit the right to coin flip (to pick home or away).

         B. At 2nd game, team will forfeit their game (even if it's on the 1st day of games).

         C. At 3rd game, team will forfeit their game and be banned from future tournaments.

2. A coin toss administered by the umpire or the site supervisor at each field will be used to determine home team for each game during pool play games.

3. Age cutoff date is May 1st. No player can turn older than the division they are playing in before May 1st, 2017.

4. There is a 2 hour and 15 minute time limit on all games except for the playoff rounds and the championship games. This rule means that no inning can start after 2 hours and 15 minutes. This allows the tournament to stay on track for the entire day.

5. Major League rules (American League) will be used throughout the tournament, which means DH for pitcher only.

6. No re-entry! No extra hitters!

7. This is a wood bat tournament. No composite, all bats must be solid one piece wood bats.

8. There is a mercy rule for this tournament, the rule states 10 runs after 5 innings and 15 runs after 3 innings.

9. ALL substitutions and changes must go through the home plate umpire and the official scorer designated at each field.

10. All coaches must be in proper baseball uniform. If a coach is not in proper baseball uniform then they can NOT coach on the field or at the bases. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

11. All coaches (1st and 3rd base) must wear appropriate protective head gear.

12. Any coach or player that is ejected from a game is automatically suspended for the next game of the tournament.

13. Any team that forfeits a game because of lack of players in attendance for their scheduled game or for lack of arrival on time (45 minutes prior to game or 15 minute grace period from the scheduled start time) will be banned for 2 years from any future tournaments at that point (Updated: 7/1/2016)

14. Any protests will be handled at the time of incident. There are site supervisors at all fields and will handle any protests brought by a manager and will make a decision in a timely and appropriate manner. My number is 401-595-0233, Mark Cooke, if there are any further issues or questions that need to be handled during the tournament.